Team Chat & Video Calls

Team Chat. Collaboration that is immediate. And lasting.

Email and Team Chat integration. Free guest accounts. Multiple chat rooms.
Comprehensive take on team communication

As a bridge between email and private chat, Team Chat enables project-based collaboration in groups. In real time and with persistent history for all threads. Upload files, mention coworkers, comment on related topics. Experience the convenience of secure, in-context office messaging.

Comments, Pins, and Mentions Easily discover what is important in any selected room. Comments for better navigation through chat. Pins to highlight important posts. Mentions quickly refer to a person in question.
Email and Team Chat connected Sounds basic, works like magic. Now you are able to share drafts and incoming emails in Team Chat rooms. Even compose new ones with the help of your colleagues. And when you’re done, you can easily send them right from or into a chat room.
Free guest accounts Invite business partners to any of your chat rooms. Share documents, comment on progress, work together. Strengthen communication between companies.
Desktop notifications & Daily Digest Be aware of any new activity in selected rooms. Don’t worry if you miss something. Daily Digest via email lets you know about anything important.
Unlimited number of chat rooms Create as many rooms as you want. Categorize them easily in groups.

Familiar Team Chat interface for conversation within different groups.

Team Chat Mobile. Your team is wherever you are.

Collaborate with everyone, everywhere.

Follow on your projects and collaborate with your team on the go.
Full-featured Team Chat on the iPhone

Team Chat Mobile is iOS companion app to desktop Team Chat. Collaborate with your team using all the handy features such as comments, pins, mentions and file sharing. Nobody will tell you’re following up on work from your iPhone.
All your projects in your pocket Being on top of your projects shouldn’t require you to sit still at the desktop. Follow your team’s progress anywhere you are. And respond to their comments momentarily so they don’t have to sit still either.
It’s got the looks and the brains Gorgeous photos of nature make for a pleasant backdrop to your conversations. While intuitive swipes allow you to navigate the app without thinking about it. So you will get down to work without getting lost on endless screens.
Attach, pin, mention – and get notified Functionally equivalent with Team Chat on the desktop, the app handles iOS-native file and photo attachments, mentions, pins and comments. Notifies you as per your preference. And switches to IceChat for one-on-one exchanges.

IceChat. Small talk, no big deal.

Mobile & desktop instant messaging. Push notifications. Audio and video calls.
IceChat for iOS and Android

Discover a mobile dimension of work. Connect privately with your coworkers through instant messaging. Hold remote meetings including audio and video.
Push notifications View messages instantly. Reply directly from the lock screen.
App and conversations lock Lock your app or selected conversations with Touch ID on iPhone and PIN on Android.
Audio & video calls in iOS Reach out to your coworkers from a business trip, set up a call with a remote team, catch up from home office. With VoIP on IceChat, you can discuss in pristine audio quality.

Web-based dashboard displays the current traffic and service statuses.

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