Email & Calendaring

Email, Calendar and Contacts. Working together.

Email and calendaring are essential features for any organisation. Streamline your team’s collaboration with efficient business communication.
Essential tools done right

Email is where most work starts these days. And where it eventually concludes. So it only makes sense to have it integrated with other components making up the overall context. Plan a meeting right from your email. Find a contact when composing your calendar event. Send an email from a team chat room. Edit a document right in the conversation where it’s been shared. Without leaving the Compliant Office interface.

Easy email compositionCompose emails right from a browser window. Use advanced options of intuitive and responsive composition dialog. There are plenty of team collaboration features as well.
TeamChat integration The game-changing feature. Now you can share any email with one or more of your TeamChat rooms. Even compose new ones with the help of your colleagues.
Outlook compatible Email and Calendaring, Contacts with features such as Color categories and HTML content can now be synced with Outlook.
Advanced security Signature-based Kaspersky AntiVirus, online CYREN AntiSpam, and IceWarp Authenticator. Multi-layered security that meets the world’s most strict industry standards and current legislation.
Clever attachments Streamlined sending of large attachments such as videos or presentations. Automatically upload large files to our compliant cloud, including a link in the email body to download the file. All to get it delivered faster without taking up room in the recipient’s mailbox.

Single interface with access to all important collaboration features.

Desktop experience. In a browser.

Intuitive interface. Extended options for email composition and teamwork. Secured by Two-Factor Authentication. Accessible from any computer without installation.

User friendly WebClient interface for composing and reading email.
Workspace evolved

WebClient provides a seamless desktop-app user experience in a browser window. Straightforward, feature-rich and intuitive.
In-app multitasking More tabs, more control, more work done. Chat with a coworker while reviewing a document. Search through TeamChat groups while composing an email. Multitask your way to higher productivity. The only limit is your imagination and the screen size.
Drag & drop Upload and share files by simply dropping them into your browser window.
Desktop notifications Be on top of your game in every moment with popup notifications. Even if WebClient is in the background.

Real-time administration. Even from a console.

API. Domain management.
Completely in charge

You have all the control you need with WebAdmin. Run multiple domains. Manage user account permissions. Deal with email spoofing and more.
Multiple domains Compliant Office multitenant architecture allows you to manage an unlimited number of domains. With multiple levels of access and individual customization.
GDPR compliant login settings Each domain can be connected to a custom Active Directory or LDAP server with full SSO support. In line with GDPR, different security policies for access can be set for different users.
DNS zone file support You can now easily set up various DNS records with an implemented format of zone file defined in RFC.
DKIM configuration Configure DKIM on your domain and avoid email spoofing. Enhance security of your domain significantly.

Web-based dashboard displays the current traffic and service statuses.

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